Product Description


Liquid tonic for the central nervous system. Bio-Mineral calmer. Brain and Central nerve tonic made for children with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). Effective for nervous system conditions in adults too. Helps reduce, irritability and insomnia

Eva Salve

Nourishes and tones the skin. High in calcium, fluorine and potassium phosphate which is essential for maintaining proper elasticity for the skin. Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Eye Wash

Eye nourisher and cleanser for the eyes.

Green Food Plus

Multi-mineral formula made with herbs from Africa. Used as a daily regimen. Green Food Plus offers chlorophyll rich food for the entire body. Promotes good health and nourishment to the heart, brain and central nervous system.

H1 Female Nourisher

Bio-Mineral Female Nourisher. Nourishes the female endocrine reproductive system and aids in hormonal balance. Assist with PMS and Menopause. Also aids in fertility and increases the sexual appetite.

Maya (tablets)

Blood nourisher and purifier. Maya contains 14 different tropical plants that are high in natural iron phosphate and other minerals that promote nourishment and strengthens the entire body.

Liquid Maya

Liquid energy tonic. Blood Nourisher in Tonic form.

Seamoss Bladderwrack Mix

Multi-mineral Powder. Mineral powder to prepare nourishing shakes and teas. Provides 92 of the 102 minerals of which the body is made. For the bones, thyroid and glands, bad breath, pulmonary illnesses and respiration, coughs, dysentery, dissolves fat, natural diuretic, calms the appetite, aids with digestion, ulcers, regular bowels and obesity, skin, kidney and heart disease. Natural zinc, calcium and vitamins A & B complex.

SMX Electra

Multi-Mineral Compound-Great for weight loss. Offers minerals for the body. Bones, Energy, Dissolves fat, Natural Diuretic and promotes regular bowel movements. Great for the skin.

T1 Male Nourisher

Bio-Mineral for Males. Nourishes the males endocrine system aids in hormonal balance. This male bio-mineral allows for a better sexual responsiveness, increased virility and a healthy blood flow to the make genitalia.

Tonic Electra

A Liquid Oxygen and Iron Rich Super Mineral. An invigorating tonic offering enhanced iron-rich nourishment for the blood, brain and central nervous system. A pro-biotic designed to fight inflammation, purify and strengthen the entire body.

Tooth Powder (tablets)

Powdered Mineral. A unique combination of herbs that cleans and nourishes the teeth and gums. Also retards tooth decay and gum disease.

Uterine Wash

Bio-Mineral herbs for the uterus. Used as a douche. After boiling and straining.


Multi-Nourishing Compound